8 brilliant and simple ideas to help animals and birds survive the summer

OWhile humans are able to acquire the food and water needed to combat the sweltering summer, it’s not as easy for animals to do so. So a little help from us will go a long way to get them through the season.

We’ve found some interesting and helpful methods proven by caring souls looking to make this summer a little easier for their animal companions. Here’s how you can try them too:

1. Coconut birdhouse

While coconut water is a trusted companion for beating the heat, the whole fruit has cooling properties that can be used for other species, such as birds. Just dig into the coconut shell to make a hole, where the birds can take refuge from the sun.

“A student gifted me this one-of-a-kind bird feeder, and it has been occupied by a family of wrens for several summers. The young often come to the opening with their mouths open, hoping the adults will return with food. food,” Mauriea Lewis-Wheeler wrote on Pinterest while sharing the photo.

You can make this house yourself by cutting a hole using a drill or screwdriver. Hang it somewhere outside your home and watch the little birds flock to it for respite.

2. Folding Kennel

India is home to around 35 million stray dogs, which are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, accidents and abuse. Although there are many people and organizations trying to care for at least a few, feeding and caring for them remains a divisive issue.

If you want to make life easier for our furry friends outdoors, this collapsible dog house is an economical way to provide them with shelter. First developed in Thailand by a group called Stand for Strays, it uses the allot model, which is a functional stray dog ​​shelter made from recycled poster boards. In this way, it can also help you get rid of old boards.

In pictures: 8 simple and brilliant ideas to help animals and birds survive the summer

“The structure is easily deployable and can be set up anywhere in the urban context to protect our furry friends from heavy rain and intense heat. The display board sits flat against a wall, secured with hinges at the top, but can open at the bottom to create a tent-like canopy for any dog ​​in need. On the back of the panel, a small platform has been installed, keeping the dog above ground level,” designboom reported.

3. Upcycled Bird Feeder

Do you have thermocol sheets or boxes at home that are leftovers from some recently purchased household equipment? Get creative and use them to create a bird feeder like this.

In pictures: 8 simple and brilliant ideas to help animals and birds survive the summer

A thermocol sheet can help you achieve a temperature drop of around 5 degrees Celsius. Place a clay pot with water and feed it inside the thermocol shelter so the birds can easily access it. The ideal place to position this is a terrace. Use wooden sticks or whatever depending on your creativity to make the feeder beautiful and useful.

4. Upcycled Bird Feeder

“A desi ‘kanastar’ (can) recycled into a cool and functional bird feeder. Photo credit to my brother-in-law. Now I just have to convince him to make one for me too,” said tweeted Charu Pragya with this photo.

In pictures: 8 simple and brilliant ideas to help animals and birds survive the summer

Just like Charu’s brother-in-law did, you too can turn a canister into a bird feeder. It can easily accommodate both food and water for birds in the summer. The box can also keep cold water. It can be hung anywhere around a house – a hook on the patio or a tree.

5. Misplaced Shelter

In the image below, a company in Vaishali, Ghaziabad has built homes for wanderers who roam homeless in the extreme weather conditions of northern India. The craft was built in such a way that the animals could survive summer and winter with a roof, blankets and other necessities. These houses, although mainly intended for stray dogs, can be built for all animals wandering the streets.

In pictures: 8 simple and brilliant ideas to help animals and birds survive the summer

“In these houses there are special blinds and warm blankets so that these poor animals can enjoy the facilities of these rooms,” Laughing Colors reported.

6. Water for parasites

An act of kindness can save many lives. Buy a clay pot, fill it with clean water, and place it anywhere on the street (without getting in the way), or even in front of your house. Stray animals like cows, dogs and cats can survive the extreme summer heat and quench their thirst. Clay pots will keep water cold throughout the day. Take the time to clean and refill them daily.

Sunny, a pharmacist and animal welfare activist from Tumkur, runs a gaushala where 500 sick, injured and aged cattle are fed. Before starting the house, he used to place such pots.

In pictures: 8 simple and brilliant ideas to help animals and birds survive the summer

“It was a shame to see animals dying of thirst. Temperatures are soaring and animals are seeking water sources which, due to the intense heat, have mostly dried up. The day I saved the first jar, I saw dozens of animals drinking from it and it was an encouraging sight,” he told Yahoo News.

7. Shady Carts

In 2017, a photo of an ox cart, where the bull was protected from the sun with a makeshift shade, began circulating on social media. It was hailed as an act of kindness to animals amid a heatwave that was unfolding at the time. Today the temperature has reached a higher level and the image still matters.

In pictures: 8 simple and brilliant ideas to help animals and birds survive the summer

“The speechless animal was relieved from the scorching heat after its owner decided to provide shade for it. The photo tells the whole story of how the bull’s owner made sure the poor animal don’t have to suffer from the heat,” Oneindia reported.

8. Hanging Water Jug

One of the easiest ways to help birds quench their thirst is to place water pots wherever possible. It is best to choose hanging pots that birds can easily notice. Traditional earthen bird feeders / hanging pots are available online, as well as from street vendors, and can be kept on the patio or other outdoor space. Opting for terracotta birdbaths is also a great idea.

In pictures: 8 simple and brilliant ideas to help animals and birds survive the summer


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Edited by Divya Sethu

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