North Bay Animal Shelter looking for a forever home for pets while on vacation

North Bay Animal Services Vacation Wish Today and Everyday is a home for all the wonderful pets awaiting adoption at Petaluma Animal Shelter. When we stop to consider the really important things in life, home and family always end up being the top priorities, where we feel safe, loved and wanted.

That’s what JL, Pearl, Frenchie, Eli and all their future Shelter adoptees are also hoping for this holiday season. What a great gift it would be for all of us to see an empty shelter at the end of the year as all the animals have been herded into new homes!

We used to believe that the holidays weren’t the best time to bring a pet to a new home, causing adoptions to wait until after Christmas. But not more! Animals that come into a home during the holidays have been shown to be just as loved and at no greater risk of being sent away than at any other time. The important thing is to prepare for this new member of the family! Having the house and toys ready, planning who does the extra chores – the dog will need regular walks, the cat litter box won’t clean itself – and of course which bed will he sleep in! If you’re ready for this exciting new relationship, so are they!

When should they arrive at their new home? On the day of, a gift under the tree brought by Santa Claus? Please, let’s put aside the idea that Santa Claus brings live animals as gifts – he brings toys, not family members! How scary for a little kitten. Bringing them home before the “big” day is much less stressful for the animal. Then they can have fun and also participate in the festivities. cats will love jumping from box to box and wrestling with the ribbons and playing with all the new toys. Of course, they also like to climb the tree so make sure it’s secure!

Adopting a pet is personal; you are choosing a family member who will be with you for a long time, so take the time to visit them and make it a family decision. We know pets have unique personalities and needs. so what about choosing an animal for someone else? Aren’t you denying them the ability to choose the right pet that “speaks” to them? You may think your friend will want the pet, or that they have the time or the space, but if you’re wrong, the pet pays the price and pets given as gifts are more likely to be returned. As tempting as it may be, pets should not be given as gifts outside of the family. Alternative gifts pay for an adoption for your friend or provide supplies for a new pet.

Now, if you’re ready, the animals are ready for you! The cats and dogs have brushed their fur coats, we put bows in their necks and they will bring food and toys with them to their new home. You can check out our adorable animals on the NBAS Facebook page or at Then call the Petaluma Shelter at 707-762-6227 (NBAS) for an appointment to meet the animals that will be vying for your attention.

May you and your family, all two-legged and four-legged members, have a very happy holiday season and may we carry the spirit of these days throughout the year.

North Bay Animal Services is a non-profit animal shelter serving the Petaluma area and beyond.

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